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Jan. 18th, 2007 07:11 pm
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rundown for the people who weren't there:

rundown: Ierikc, mitch's character, professed his love to the ghost dragon, who snarled back at him angrily, something about him leaving. Then Ierikc swore to avenge her, and stormed out. The characters heard the flapping of leathery wings outside the cavern, and then silence. The gold said she will tell the PCs where to find the gold dragon if they return her hoard, which has been stolen.

The PCs headed for the black dragon's lair, but on the way stop at a castle and Edwin, the brat wizard, cast a spell to make his great great great grandfather, Gonzago the great, young again, on the condition Edwin got to be turned into a dragon like he always always always wanted.(Gonzago had cast wish a few too many times; thought to wish for eternal life, but not eternal youth.) Gonzago, young again, turned Edwin into a statue, and would have made a speedy exit, if it were not for the minotaur walking by, who, with the help of the thri-kreen, knocked him unconcious. At which point, a giant eye filled the nearby window. The creature outside introduced himself as Ghoros Kurik, the Great red dragon, and demanded the unconcious wizard. The PCs saw which side their bread was buttered in this situation, and graciously handed him over. Red dragon left with the wizard, and the PCs recall that the great red dragon has been searching for a powerful wizard, but don't know what for.

The PCs continued on to the Black Dragon's lair, Finding the front door open as if someone is definitely home. They searched out the underwater back door, and sneaked in that way. In some cells off the main entrance, they found Mitch's new character, a dragon stalker, inprisoned for an attempt on the black dragon's life. Together they plot an attack on the black dragon in his treasure room.

At the treasure room, they found, not the black dragon, but a colossal red dragon, that looked perhaps like a zombie dragon, because mitch only rolled a 13 on knowledge draconic. Caleb: "wouldn't it be bad if it was a dracolich?" This dragon had a large bag of holding and was happily jacking the black dragon's hoard, to his whistled tune of "bridge over the river quai." Rolling somewhat better on spot checks, they see an strange amulet around the dragon's neck, with an elephant on the front. Iuki, Mitch's character, dashed up to snatch it in a surprise round, and suddenly the dragon shrank to medium size. The dragon looked around and said, "Shit," while mitch retreated.

Suddenly the front entrance door slammed shut, and a booming black dragon type voice roared, "You little fucker, I'll get you this time!"

Long story short, the black dragon was distracted just long enough with the red dragon (who died very quickly), for the PCs to get in some good hits. Then the minotaur put on the red dragon's amulet and rolled an awsome intimidation check, leaving the black dragon shaken, and the black dragon went down.

But as the PCs regrouped to consider what kind of armour the were going to make out of the black dragon's hide, a small light rose from the body of the red dragon, and sank into the body of the black dragon. The black dragon opened it's eyes, lurched to it's feet, and fled the cavern. Cause it was bad, and it was a dracolich.

The end. Well, not the end, but the end of the session.
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So, my next session of my D&D campaign will be next wednesday, because Mitch is too busy to get something ready, and everybody like squealed and jumped for joy when I offered. It's cool, they like it. I am pleased.

In other news, my current work in progress, Timekeeper, is also going well, to much acclaim from my beta readers. Some of whom are harrassing me regularly for the next chapter. I guess that means I'm doing something right, huh?

That and I'm finally getting to the parts past the setup stage, where the things I've been setting up, are starting to come to fruition. Which is fun. I got through the first major battle scene, muchly laboured over, as it's not one of my strengths, but hopefully it will go over as well as the rest.


Sep. 23rd, 2006 12:11 pm
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So, the other day I ran my second session of my D&D campaign. It was fun, and people at least looked like they were having fun. It's something I've always wanted to do, since I got into gaming, run my own campaign. This group has like ten campaigns going, and play a different one every week, depending on who's got one ready and who's campaign everyone likes the most.

I have so much fun being the Dungeon Master. Nathan says I'm one person with him when we're alone, and another with other people, but then when I'm DMing, and have the floor, and have to take charge, I'm suddenly like I am with him. I think it's good for me, to learn how to take a leadership position, especially being Autistic, forcing myself to be assertive with other people. It's a wierd, unfamiliar feeling, but I seem to be doing well, and that makes me happy.


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