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Gigabite has molted and emerged from her nest. She's not quite 2 inches in legspan. week or so, and she'll be ready to eat again.

Molt #4

Feb. 4th, 2010 05:19 pm
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The creature has molted again. I've been checking her two or three times a day for the last week waiting for it, because by now I can tell when it's coming pretty well. Might have taken longer due to the apartment being chilly and dry. But she looks ok from here. She hasn't come out yet, so I don't know what her new leg span will be, but will post picks when she does.
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The creature molted again last night. I noticed when I looked at her today after work. I was thinking she looked bigger, and the last cricket I gave her, she didn't seem interested, just sealed herself up in web like last time, and I can see the old skin crumpled up beside her. Dunno her legspan yet; she hasn't come out.
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Now that she's settled in and not skittering so fast, and I've got a better feel for her temperament and when she'll run (and she's happier in her home now and trying to run into the leaves rather than out of the enclosure) I got some better pics of her sitting on her hammock.

She still takes a wander now and again, but she hasn't eaten anything, and she seems darker, more navy blue than the indigo I've seen in pictures. But being darker and refusing food is a sign of an upcoming molt, so she's probably just getting ready for that. I love watching her walk, her front legs wave up in the air as she goes, and she looks like she's prancing. Apparently that particular to her species.

again, cut for people who don't like things with their skeletons outside their bodies )
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She has built a hammock.


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