May. 4th, 2010 05:43 pm
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Finally got all my tax forms a couple months ago for years ago, and got four years of taxes done. And since I'm poor, I get monies back. I've got one year back just today, and it's almost a month's wages. And there's three more years coming. I should be out of debt shortly. :)
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This whole moving in together thing is starting to feel real. Starting to wonder what it'll be like; never done this before. There's been no family objections. Token scepticism from my dad, but that's to be expected, as he's working on getting his ex girlfriend out of the freakin' house. (She's supposed to be out in april; she's finally got a place.)

Not letting that get to me though. Everyone who matters wishes us well, and many have given me valuable advice.

I don't like change. I get very stressed, I like static schedules and patterns I can follow. As long as I can get into a new pattern it'll be fine, though. I can feel my mind preparing itself. Unsettling itself, even before the real stress starts. Just need to accept it as natural stress, and realize it's necessary to help me cope.

Lindsay has monies again though. Sun life sends Lindsay monies.
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It actually came. For real, in the mail. Yes, that's right, Lindsay has a credit card.

I will not carry it on my person unless intending to use it for something specific. And I won't use it for anything that I can't pay off right away, unless it's an absolute emergency. Student fees, rent, etc. Cause from the looks of all the fees, they'll happily nickel and dime me to death if I don't damn well watch it.


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