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I have finished editing Blood and Snow, and it still hasn't cracked 10k words, so it's still very much saleable. I really liked that story, and I think I will write a novel sequel to it. With a new main character. Just, in the same world, and throwing the new main character into a very similar position to the old main character, but have the new one deal with it very differently. I think it's one of my best works thus far.
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Has been overwhelmingly positive!?!!?

Four votes for keeping the title, and none saying the title sucked, so the title is sticking.

But the most satisfying thing is it's the first time I've ever been told the opening of a story I wrote was good and drew the reader in, and two people have specifically said that. All the more awesome since I know exactly what I did different to do it again. I went and looked at the openings of stories that I remember drew me in the fastest, and they started with an introduction, whether it was a few paragraphs or 4-6 pages, of the viewpoint character. It's less jarring than starting in media res, as seems to be the height of fashion these days. So that's what I did, and it worked.

The ending and buildup to the climax need work though, so I'm going to do that before sending it to friends. And I'm almost done the first rewrite of The Eternal Army of Kharduev, so that will go out en masse first.
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Here's the characters:

Iskalei: viewpoint character, the chosen one who's birth hailed the beginning of a golden age for her people, which are an land/nature/harvest worshiping culture.

Minister Alleuvi: Minister in charge of making sure Iskalei doesn't do stupid shit.

Weili: a Satanan refugee from a dying land. He and Iskalei fall in love.

Hian: Weili's little sister. Dying from some or other disease at the beginning of the story. Too young to talk.

Zhuang: A Satanan assassin sent to kill Iskalei.

I may give one of the guards a name, just so I have a name for the one she talks to in some of the final scenes, but I won't count him at this point.

The challenge: guess which ones are still alive at the end of the story.

Prize: Signed copy of the first draft, minus a couple of typos, that you can sell someday when I'm famous. :P
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Title: Blood and Snow (so far - open to a better one. It's better than the first one, and you don't even want to know what the first working title was.)
WC: 7709

I was promising myself to finish this two and a half weeks ago, but work has got in the way. i blame turtle for going to gencon rather than writing night and making me finish amped up on energy drinks. :P I've been so tired lately, I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe I'm coming down with something and my body's just trying to fight it off. Anyway, will post the story sometime when I've had the chance to double check I haven't said anything stupid or illogical or lacking in continuity in there.


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