Sep. 21st, 2009 08:45 pm
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There's this guy at work, he's a new hire, just got on the phone last week, and one of the SMEs (Subject Matter Expert - basically floor support) got him and I to do some grunt work gathering information from the ticketing system. And since I knew the system better than him, I took charge and told him what to do and how to do it. I also may have pointed out that how the SME had suggested we do it was less efficient and there was a quicker way (because another SME had got me to do the same thing earlier and told me to do it that way.)

And now, every day since, this guy has been IMing me to let me know if I need any help with anything, he'd be more than happy to help out. LOL! He's under the impression that I'm like, in charge of something and someone he should kiss up to!

He wouldn't do a timmy's run for me though. I tried; he offered to get me coffee while he went for his on his break, but the coffee at work is vile stuff.
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Imagine, if you will, a child of about eight, and it's daddy's birthday, and she's baked him a cake. Without mom's help. This cake is lopsided and flat, and the layers are cut uneven and it's obvious that she's done something wrong, and an experienced chef could probably tell from looking at it whether it was a missing ingredient, or the batter was mixed too long, or the oven was too hot or too cold, and that chef would tell you it's a combination of all three.

That's the shell internal network. And we're dad, not allowed to complain.

On the other hand, the callers are supposedly mostly people with degrees if not doctorates, so it's ultimately preferable to to where I was before in best buy, and best buy was worlds better than anything at cvg.

Oh, and Gigabite has eaten 3 crickets now. This last one was slightly bigger than her. My best friend saw her eat the second one, and she says she wants one now. lol. I want her to molt soon she needs to be bigger. She's so teensy.
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So apparently the president of best buy mexico called the other day, and wanted the size of his email inbox increased. Mailbox size increases are not a big deal; they sure as hell don't get priority; and I'm sitting in IPM and the analyst taking the call messages me to check if he should put a priority on it since this guy's the president of best buy mexico. I'm like, ok, this is obviously not a multiple user issue, and it's not times sensitive or having a financial impact on the business; does he have any other business case for escalation? And the analyst messages back "He's the president of best buy mexico"

Now, I had been watching The Tudors for the last several nights seriously, all I could see in my mind was this:

And of course I had to crack a joke about how size shouldn't matter, and that he needs to be making the most of what he has.
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Some part of me knew this was going to happen eventually, since I started at EDS. But tuesday, Rick poked his head over the IPM area walls to bring Turtle over. Turtle is now in the new training class for the same project I work in. Turtle, who taught me everything I knew when I got to EDS. Yesterday I had her y-connecting with me, lol.
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Josh Davies, from problem management, who looks over all the tickets we make for our calls, apparently talked to Antoine, the Operations Manager, and let him know that they have very few issues with my tickets and I'm doing a a really good job.

I'm like, huh? *bewildered, deer-in-the-headlights look* Wait, you guys care enough to let me know?

Whoa. It makes me want to, harder or something crazy like that.

And this means when promotions come up, my resume will totally go to the top of the pile.
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My trainer today, she's talking about wireless networks, right? And she says, "so the customer's going to have a NIC card. Does anyone know what NIC stands for? Anyone? Network interface... what does the C stand for, I can't remember, darn it, does anyone remember what the C stands for in NIC card?"

Honest to god, she said that and wasn't joking. I wanted to bash my head into the keyboard.
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Most significant was the not being treated like I'm in high school. They have a strict business-casual dress code, and expect us to clean up our own messes in the lunch room.

There's complimentary tea and coffee.

The job will be easy. I have every confidence in my ability to do it; even with the shortened version of the training, I'm not feeling as overwhelmed as with the comcast training.

Only two of the class got in with no IT experience, and that was because they spoke french. It's kind of cool to know I've got a job that some random person on the street couldn't have got. The other weird thing is having a job that pays better than some, possibly even most, of my friends. I'm so used to being the one who's taking what I can get because I'm taking classes at the same time as work.
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I'm doing escalations and tc escalations, and fo ra tc escalation, i couldn't get a hold of local. They didn't have an email address listed, and the phone number listed didn't get me anywhere, so I was checking with the TL on duty, susan, to see if there was anything else I could do besides e-mail my TL about it.

So I ask, and Susan says, 'oh, no, no, Lindsay's doing TC escalations today, you just need to talk to her and she'll help you."

If I'd been on the ball, I totally would have asked her to point Lindsay out to me.
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And not because Convergys is screwing me over, either. Rather the opposite. I got a new job. And I start on Monday. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse, and Convergys doesn't inspire loyalty. They will pay me about $3.50 more and hour than Convergys, and it's salaried, not hourly.

I'm very excited. It will be a job that I can take seriously. I've had an awsome week; finished typing a new story out last night, now a new job. I won't have as much time for writing, but it will be worth it. And with Nathan sick and off work, we could use the extra money for the wedding. I think the gods are looking after us.
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Gord walks by and he says, log out of your phones guys, there's been a bomb threat. We're all like, yeah right. He says, no I'm serious! And a TL pops over the cubicles and says, yep, log out of your phones and get out of the building.

So I said goodbye to my customer and hung up on him, we got out, and in a few minutes, there was about six or seven cop cars and a fire truck outside the building. After about an hour, they put up the yellow police line tape around the building, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we went to the bar. Spent about an hour and a half at Triple B's and finally got the call that the building's been cleared, and we went back to work. We were shut out of the building for a full three hours, and I'm damn glad it wasn't winter or raining. All in all, it's been a good day.

Funny Call

May. 27th, 2008 11:04 pm
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This guy had his static ip assigned to his router... and all four of his computers. The same ip. *headdesk* He had figured out something wasn't working, and followed proper troubleshooting procedures, connecting a computer directly to the modem. Which didn't work, because the router was still connected to the modem, with the same static ip. That was when he called us. So broken....
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This guy calls in with an intermittent connection. He's connecting through a router and refuses to do any troubleshooting whatsoever and is extremely condescending and nasty to me when I ask him to, like I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. He demands I schedule a tech to fix it, and I initially refuse, but he insists. He's trying to bully me into doing what he says. Now, he needs to remember that his intimidation factor is grossly diminished by distance. So I go ahead, and because he's such an asshole to me, I push it back deliberately to monday, rather than first available, tomorrow. He's not happy about that, and wants to talk to my supervisor because he says his contract says he gets a tech out within 24 hours. Now, that 24 hours is only the promise if the modem is hard down, no block synch, and proper troubleshooting has been performed. He disagrees. My supervisor doesn't want to talk to him, so I tell him there's no supervisor available to take his call. He calls me a liar. I could care less what someone like him thinks of me. he eventually hangs up, and since I wasn't able to confirm the appointment time, I did not schedule the tech at all. And the supervisor is cheering me on.
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I got three. It was kind of different when my focus in the call is not finding out what the problem is but finding what I need to tell the customer he can't have. And I have an agent who's done all the legwork for me already and can paraphrase in ten seconds what it would take five minutes for me to squeeze out of the customer.

This analysis may change, but this is what I've found so far; usually one of two conditions occur in an escalation. Either the customer is relieved to be talking to someone they perceive as more knowledgeable and all that crap and will take my answers more readily than they will the tier one agent or in a related situation, the fact that I'm the second person to tell them that helps solidify the facts in their heads, or they're really pissed, have gotten frustrated enough with the tier one, and most of the work in breaking them has been done for me, so it only takes a couple minutes to make them hang up. Either way, things that are difficult in a tier one call are made easier for me.

Also, being prepared for a customer to become irate helps. In a normal call, I end up too busy trying to fix things to pay attention to the mood of the customer and make sure my emotional walls are up. Taking escalations, the mood of the customer is more the focus, and I can have my walls up beforehand.

It's all good. I see no reason why I can't continue this long term. :)
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So next week or the week after, I should have a static schedule of mon, wed, fri. Which opens up all the days I can think of that I have or could potentially have something going on. No messing around with new scheduling protocol for Lindsay. Yay!
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Pissy customer with static ip issue that we haven't been able to work on for four days because his modem's offline due to an outage. We tried. Really hard. I could understand his pissyness. Eventually we decided to roll a truck to replace his modem because it had to be bunk. Curtis scheduled a must do - too early - scheduled it later - too late if tech could be possibly running late. Scheduled it for the right time for the customer, advised customer tech may still be running late, since it's a must do. Bastard still yelled at me. Ha, he don't know me too well.

"You're telling me I'm at the mercy of, not you, you're entire freakin' company..."yada yada yada.

In the brightest, cheeriest voice I have: "Ok, is there anything else I can help you with?"


works every time.


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