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Since we have assigned stations and all at EDS, I get to put things up at my workstation and store things in my cabinet and cupboard and stuff. So I have a couple of xkcd comics posted on the cubicle walls and a picture of Abe Lincoln with an old school gattling gun for a prosthetic arm. I needed a pet plant though (don't think I'd get away with a tarantula on my desk).

It was recommended by the professionals that I stick with a peace lily or bamboo plant, because those are practically impossible to kill. I'm like, nuh-uh. There's something about a bamboo plant that just doesn't say "lindsay". I deliberated long, and since I can't have a tarantula on my desk, I decided on something with surprisingly similar care requirements - keep the humidity up and feed it a bug once in a while. Safeway has venus fly trap plants for $7. All I need is some kind of miniature greenhouse thing I can set on my desk now so I don't have to keep it in that lame-ass plastic thing it came in and look elegant.

I fed it an ant today. It was cool. First it snaps shut and the ant was stuck crawling back and forth inside, then, since it was still alive (if you feed it dead things, it will open back up within 24 hours and spit it out) it kept stimulating the trap and the trap started squeezing tighter and tighter until I couldn't see it anymore and it was smushed. Apparently it will spend about a week digesting it.
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In other news, still working on finding an apartment. We'd like to get into a building on or near corydon, close to everything.

Made Nathan supper tonight; he's always so gracious when I make him food. He's very good at positive reinforcement. He says he likes when I get all homey on him. I remember telling my mom when I was about thirteen, that I was never ever ever going to be susie homemaker for some man. *shrug* How things change. He makes me supper too, lots. And I thank him. He says he enjoys doing things for me more than his parents because I express appreciation for it, and don't tell him he did it all wrong. His mom's bad that way, nothing's ever good enough for her. He tries to do something nice for her, and half the time she'll complain that he missed something or whatever. That would annoy me too.
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The Holly tree is quite dead, but the orange trees are thriving, as is the christmas cactus. And the chritmas cactus is putting out new blossoms now. I didn't know they'd bloom more than once a year. *shrug* Maybe it's because I forgot to water it a couple of times. I've heard that can do it sometimes. I cleaned up my herb garden; the only thing still alive was the sage, and it's looking pretty stalky at the moment, but whatever, I planted a bunch of other shit in there. Pansies and stuff. And I planted a nectarine pit. See how that goes. It works for the oranges.
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I bought another plant. I always wanted a holly tree, ever since I discovered celtic astrology and found my tree is the holly tree. The lady said it should do all right in a north window. As long as it stays warm. I keep my room warm though, it should be fine. It's all variegated and spikey. Cool.
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I bought a new plant the other day. A christmas cactus. It's in full bloom at the moment. And it's supposed to be able to handle the profuse lack of light in my north window.

My plants try really hard. I water them, and feed them fertilizer, but they still look scraggly, 'cause they're reaching so hard towards the light. Well good luck to you guys.

Except for one, for some wierd reason, and you would think a pair of orange trees would do the crappiest in a north window cause they're practically tropical plants, but no, my two little orange trees that I started from seed are just givin' her. Actually, I don't remember if they're oranges or grapefruits or lemons or limes. I guess I'll find out one day. I noticed they hadn't gotten any new leaves in a while, so I gave them some more fertilizer, and they just sucked that up and pushed out four new leaves. They're happy little orange trees. Lemon trees. whatever.

When Nathan and I move in together, I will be making sure that wherever we move in, it has at least one window that's not north facing.


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