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I just watched avatar. I saw the previews and I thought, wow, that's so pretty, I have to see it. It probably has the most predictable plot in the world, but the pretty is, from the preview, almost guaranteed to make up for it.

It has a predictable plot; there was no turn I didn't expect, but at the same time, it's the sort of plot that is can mainly only go one way without being disappointing. And they didn't screw it up anywhere. It basically dances with wolves, only with natives from another planet.

But the worldbuilding was Fucking amazing. The glowy pretty!!! And on top of glowy pretty, the glowy pretty is plot related. The worldbuilding takes the animist religion, and brings it to a whole new level. The natives are humanoid, familiar enough expressions to be recognized by the audience, yet their movement and sounds, intonation, are unfamiliar enough to give the audience the sense of separateness, even if it's no further off from north american mannerisms and speech than that of another earth culture.

In other news; I got my anniversary present two days early, since we were out celebrating with dinner and a movie, cause the actual anniversary is on monday. Gold dangly earings with drop pearls. They're gorgeous. Modeled after a pair that I saw at roger watsons for a while that they don't have any more, but they remember them and the specialize in custom made jewellery (we got our rings made there), and the made a pair just like them. I had thought the pearls were a tad big, but when I put them on, they're actually just the right size. Mind you, they might still be a bit big for someone younger, but I'm old enough to wear a woman's jewellery now.
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So fun; they bridesmaids got me a passion party, and I remember saying that that would be cool, like forever ago, and they were clever and implied there might be a stripper to keep me from guessing what they had planned. :D

Then we went to Monty's and I got to dance to the rhapsody song I always thought would be cool to dance to.

And, quote of the night: Guy turns to me after being ignored/rejected by the MOH, and asks me "Hey, do you want to get married?"
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Wedding shower was awesome, the bridesmaids did an amazing job and it all came together nicely. (I love you guys!) My aunt and my cousin brought their daughters, 4 and 7 or 8, and the two hit it off and seemed to have had lots of fun, as did everyone else. There was only one party game; that one where you get two clothespins each, and no one's allowed to say "wedding" or "bride" or if you catch them, you can take one of their clothespins away and whoever has the most clothespins and the end of the night wins. The 4 year old won. Every time we turned around she had more pins!

Quote of the night: I tell nathan over the phone on the way home that it took two cars to get all this stuff home, and he says "what, did they send home leftovers or something?"
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Got the embroidered silk for the underskirt of my wedding dress today at Michell's fabrics, and did I ever get there on the right day. They're having a sale (which is going on tomorrow as well, for anyone interested), and everything is 25% off. Or something like that, but anyway, I got about $250 worth of fabric for about $170.


Mar. 18th, 2008 05:44 pm
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Ok, so my thoughts about decorative aspects of the wedding are becoming less amorphous. I think I'm scrapping the red from the colous scheme, because I found some nice fabric for the underskirt of my dress and I think I'm going to match everything to that, which means soft pink, fawn, and forest, olive and sage green.

And I was talking to the florist about my winter/medieval theme, and she suggested using rosemary (she's always wanted to use rosemary) and I think that would be cool, and then I was talking to my BM and she suggested taking it all the way and using parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. :P Which I think is a cool idea, I could play the song as we sign whatever or as a recessional. i have another song by medieval babes in mind for the processional(Io voluntieri). And then for favours (and I sure this has been done before, but it would be cheap and easy) jars of the four spices with ribbons in my colours, or just stickers with a message about the symbolism of the herb and a design in my colours. And the potted herbs as centerpieces.
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So much to do. I have booked a room and a caterer; having the wedding at the U of M. I have a couple of bridesmaids, patterns for dresses, and lots of ideas.

But when I was talking to the event co-ordinator on thursday, my brain was shutting down from stress, and all I wanted to do was go home and not think about it anymore. I may need to take my maid of honour up on her offer to go out for a drink with me earlier than I figured. :p


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