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I've turned the apartment upside down looking for the owner's manual for my sewing machine to figure out how to work the button holer. I still can't find it. I've spend two days looking for it. I have given up. I can't find a copy online, not even to buy.

So I've spent the last three hours beating my head against the wall, trying to figure out the one-step button holer on my own. It's been an adventure, however, I have ended the night with one successful buttonhole.

It also has a button sewing foot, but nothing to raise the button up to sew it with the proper spacing between the button and the fabric...

Another day.
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Recent progress on the winter coat:

I did a fair bit more work on it tonight, but I don't have a pic yet. The sleeves and lining are attached. One or two more evenings of work and it should be done, now.
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This coat is taking longer than I thought. The three layers (shell, thinsulate, and flannel backed satin lining) have made the pattern complicated. I would like to make the same pattern as a fall jacket, perhaps with a different fabric, and it would take half as long.

But the three layers have made things interesting, especially since one layer is the thinsulate, which is *very* thick. In places, I'm ending up having to sew through four layers of it, on top of four layers of denim; I'm amazed that my sewing machine has not complained, or really had trouble dealing with it at all. It's a good little machine, this new one - I love it.

I hope to have it finished sometime next week, since I probably won't have time to work on it over christmas weekend. Hmm, I wonder if I could take it to Dad's house to work on it. Then I could work on it with grandma. I bet grandma would like that. Yeah, as long as I have a ride.


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