May. 1st, 2008 01:47 pm
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Got two of my final marks back; B+ in social psychology - about what I expected. but my english prof, either she marked on a curve or I did better on the exam than I thought I did, because I got B+s and A-s through the course on the essays, but my final mark is a full A. *shrug* I'm not gonna argue with that.


Feb. 5th, 2008 11:15 pm
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yet another essay this year, begun and finished the night before it was due. Thanks go out to turtle for proof reading.
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my mom told me a couple weeks ago about a co worker coming in to work six months pregnant with a hangover after drinking a whole bottle of wine the night before. apparrently she had no idea it was dangerous to her baby and was quite upset when my mom told her. I told mom the slogan "with child, without alcohol" is on all the bags when you buy liquor from the bottle shops here, and she wants me to mail her one. it's apparently not nearly as well publicised in Australia as it is here. So, I shall send her stuff.

In other news, I got 65% on the Chemistry midterm exam. Overall, I've done fairly decent so far on lab reports and the online assignments; I should be fine.

Ceit is lonely. She still pushes on the top of the cage for attention; she never used to do that. Maybe I'll stick her in the rat ball for a bit so she can be entertained.

Oh, and for all you bastards living in warmer climates, it's warming up here. You can hardly see the road in front of my house for all the water. still probably two feet of snow on the ground some places, but the sidewalks will be clear of the packed ice pretty soon, though it'll probably freeze overnight and be slippery as hell in the morning. Not that I'm will even be awake before noon.
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That's one major stress out of the way. Not sure how I did, but I know I passed. I expect something like 70%. I'll be happy with that. Just tomorrow's lab I have to make it through now, and get last week's lab report in. Then Nathan promised he'd take me out for supper. I deserve it.
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Gota letter from the U of M today. I have officially been accepted into the faculty of science, effective this january. One more step towards my goals!

Registration is going to be so much easier next year....


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