RIP: Pliny

Jun. 1st, 2007 12:33 pm
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Vet says the rats have lice. Which is a good thing, because it's not ringworm, and people can't get rat lice. They're species specific, so we can play with them and not worry about getting anything. And they got medicine squirted on their necks, so the lice will die.

It's good we can play with them again, cause Nathan's been wanting to pet them. He says they're growing on him. My grandma says I shouldn't take them to the vet, I should just flush them down the toilet. I don't know, they're a little big for the toilet, they might need a plunger to get them down.

The rats themselves were of course, not impressed with the visit to the vet. More, it seemed, because it fell in the middle of their nap time, than anything else. Right in the vet's office, Aristotle's huddled in the back of the cage, eyes closed, didn't even seem to want to open them as I tried to drag him out. Poor guy.
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my mom told me a couple weeks ago about a co worker coming in to work six months pregnant with a hangover after drinking a whole bottle of wine the night before. apparrently she had no idea it was dangerous to her baby and was quite upset when my mom told her. I told mom the slogan "with child, without alcohol" is on all the bags when you buy liquor from the bottle shops here, and she wants me to mail her one. it's apparently not nearly as well publicised in Australia as it is here. So, I shall send her stuff.

In other news, I got 65% on the Chemistry midterm exam. Overall, I've done fairly decent so far on lab reports and the online assignments; I should be fine.

Ceit is lonely. She still pushes on the top of the cage for attention; she never used to do that. Maybe I'll stick her in the rat ball for a bit so she can be entertained.

Oh, and for all you bastards living in warmer climates, it's warming up here. You can hardly see the road in front of my house for all the water. still probably two feet of snow on the ground some places, but the sidewalks will be clear of the packed ice pretty soon, though it'll probably freeze overnight and be slippery as hell in the morning. Not that I'm will even be awake before noon.

Stupid rat

Mar. 11th, 2007 01:27 pm
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I wanted to strangle Ceit last night. She was banging on anything she could bang on- her hanging coconut first, then I took that out, and she climbed on the water bottle to push on the cage door and make noise. I don't know what's wrong with her but I was up most of the night till I put her in the traveling cage temporarily and set a heavy box on top of it so she couldn't push on it. But then she dumped the water dish I gave her, and started turning it over and over in the traveling cage, so I had to take that away. I don't know what's wrong with her; maybe she's lonely.
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rat: $9.99

Surgery to remove tumor: $200

Still dead rat.

Replacement rat (30 day warranty): Free

Euthanasia: $15

University student budget just does not allow for the treatment of a nine dollar pet. Also, taking into cosideration the traumatic experience associated with surgery for an animal to who you can't explain what's going on, I decided warranty replacement rat Magaidh (she was still my favourite, with the cutest white stripe up her nose) would be allowed to live out her days as comfortably as possible before being euthanized.

Ceit's lonely. I took her out when I got home and she was way more snuggly than she ever has been in the past. And she kept sniffing like she was looking for something, and looking at me like, what did you do with Magaidh?
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Magaidh (the rat with the tumor) has an appointment to get put down. Poor thing just won't die. I've been waiting for her to go on her own, but she just won't. She can't look after her fur, and she's starting to smell quite badly, so I think it's time. Poor girl.


Nov. 26th, 2006 01:00 am
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Nothing's funnier than giving four rats one apple core.
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Ok, so I was in psychology the other day, and the proff told us about this experiment she worked on with rats and opossums.

The opossums, all they ate was bugs, and they had this instinct for catching them, so that even if they didn't, they'd yank their paw back to bite the cricket's head off even if the cricket wasn't in it's paw.

The rats didn't have that instinct, and kinda sucked at catching crickets. First they started by pouncing on them like cats, but when they'd lift their paw up to eat it, the cricket would jump away.

Ah, but the rats were smart, and they could learn. They quickly learned not to let the cricket escape, and once they had it, they would rip all it's legs off so it couldn't get away, and then eat at it's leisure.

And I have pet rats here. I have to see this. Will post the results....


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