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need to rant about an author again; this time, mercedes lackey.

Two things: first, you know how they put in a little excerpt from some exciting part in the middle of the book to draw you in? Well this excerpt was about one character watching the main character beign hunted through the forest by an ethereal wolflike being of ice and blowing snow, and the red eyes an d icicle fangs, and he's helpless to stop the creature, and it howls, yadda yadda. Well I get to that part of the story, and it's a dream. It's a freakin' dream. Nothing more exciting than being snowed into a waystation for a couple weeks happens in the story.

Secondly, they're snowed in at the way station, and one day they come out, and the sun's finally showed it's face, and oh noes, we can't go outside, we'll be snow blinded in minutes! Now, they're in a forest. A forest thick enough that they can't go around a fallen tree across the road. You don't get snowblinded unless you're on flat land with nothing but snow to be seen. You don't go snowblind in a freakin' forest!

This on top of the describing honey in a time before the existence of pasturization, as being golden liquid after being stored in the cold for several weeks at least.

I can never read mercedes lackey again. I will finish the book, because I hate not finishing books, but I can never start another one.
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Today's annoying thing: the phrase "I don't know what to write" or any variation thereof.

Wannabe authors who want to write but have nothing worthwhile to say. Why would anyone call themselves a writer, if they have nothing to write? And they all say, oh, i spend hours in front of the computer, staring at a blank screen, woe is me, yada yada. So many books out there, people looking for advice on how to find inspiration; how about living? That's where inspiration comes from. The best advice I've ever heard was to live; don't sit in front of a blank screen all day waiting for the muse to speak.

And if I were to say something like, "maybe if you don't have anything to write, that could mean you're just not meant to be a writer," well I'd get crucified. Burned at the stake, verbally stoned.

You know what, if I ever come to a point where I don't have another story to write, that'll be the day i stop writing.
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What I hate today: Philosphy.

Or possibly more accurately, philosophers. I've never met one who had anything useful to say that couldn't be gleaned from empirical research in the field of psychology. In fact, some of them even just discount psychology alltogether, even though philosophy was the grandfather of modern psychology. Psychology is philosphy with scientific evidence.

But back to having nothing useful to say. Great minds may think great thoughts, but great thoughts are not great deeds. Practical application is the key. Which brings me to where much of what I hear philosophers say falls apart. They expect humans to "awaken" and be "aware" and "concious of their thoughts and actions" in a way humans have never been.

We all know the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result? What insanity leads these people to believe that people, as a whole (individuals may accomplish such things, I concede, but not as a whole) will be something that they have never been? They propose that people must change. When have people ever changed, in all the history of the world, when they weren't forced to? That reluctance to change is what fuels the fearmongering in the US and elsewhere in the world; the fear that the status quo might have to change.

One friend (he's not on livejournal, I'll just friends lock the post, just in case...) I have who I seldom talk to anymore, is working on inventing his own religion and a language to go along with it, and he always talks about this religion of his as if it's the only truth. I don't know how much time he spends on this language, but i can't help but wonder Why? What is the purpose behind this? What does this do to better the human race, or fellow man? It's not even entertaining. I mean, I write too, but I aim to entertain as well as explore a theme.

This is comepletely disjointed; I'm too tired to organize it into something coherent. I'm a writer, I feel like I'm betraying my nature. Whatever.

This post brought to you by Rockstar.
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my pet peeve. Everyone pronounces it wrong. I'm a biology student, and it irks me, especially since it's used in WoW a lot, and NOBODY knows how to properly pronounce it. Please, it's a hard K sound and long initial I!


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