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I just watched avatar. I saw the previews and I thought, wow, that's so pretty, I have to see it. It probably has the most predictable plot in the world, but the pretty is, from the preview, almost guaranteed to make up for it.

It has a predictable plot; there was no turn I didn't expect, but at the same time, it's the sort of plot that is can mainly only go one way without being disappointing. And they didn't screw it up anywhere. It basically dances with wolves, only with natives from another planet.

But the worldbuilding was Fucking amazing. The glowy pretty!!! And on top of glowy pretty, the glowy pretty is plot related. The worldbuilding takes the animist religion, and brings it to a whole new level. The natives are humanoid, familiar enough expressions to be recognized by the audience, yet their movement and sounds, intonation, are unfamiliar enough to give the audience the sense of separateness, even if it's no further off from north american mannerisms and speech than that of another earth culture.

In other news; I got my anniversary present two days early, since we were out celebrating with dinner and a movie, cause the actual anniversary is on monday. Gold dangly earings with drop pearls. They're gorgeous. Modeled after a pair that I saw at roger watsons for a while that they don't have any more, but they remember them and the specialize in custom made jewellery (we got our rings made there), and the made a pair just like them. I had thought the pearls were a tad big, but when I put them on, they're actually just the right size. Mind you, they might still be a bit big for someone younger, but I'm old enough to wear a woman's jewellery now.


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