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Mary, who cut my hair twice and I was so happy I'd found a new hairdresser isn't working at avenida anymore. I was pissy, but made an appointment to get my hair trimmed anyway, mostly because the girl at the desk, who offered to do it had longer hair than mine.

I just got it cut now, and she did wonderfully, no pulling, not more that the very tips trimmed off, she did exactly what I said. She totally understood when I told her how I'd had problems in the past, with people cutting off more than I wanted; she's growing her hair out too.
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I have found a new hair dresser! At Avenida, on corydon, practically across the street from my new place. Got my hair trimmed yesterday, and she didn't take too much off, cut it exactly the way I told her, and payed attention enough that I felt comfortable letting her trim my wisps at the front, which I haven't let anyone touch in a year, I've just cut them myself, because they just cut bangs in and trim off my nice almost blond highlights that I'm so vain about. And she didn't pull my hair or anything. And the wisps look better now than I could have cut them myself. I am a happy camper and have her card and I will go back next time I need a trim.
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I'm growing my hair out. I've been working on this for about three years now. Since I got home from australia.

Ok, this ended up long, I'll put in an lj cut

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