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Some part of me knew this was going to happen eventually, since I started at EDS. But tuesday, Rick poked his head over the IPM area walls to bring Turtle over. Turtle is now in the new training class for the same project I work in. Turtle, who taught me everything I knew when I got to EDS. Yesterday I had her y-connecting with me, lol.
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Some guy at work, crazy dude, I think he had something wrong upstairs, he says hi to me when I find a seat in the tier 1 section (this is why I like to sit in tier 2 alley - well, not really, I sit there because I have friends there, and the tier one section population is too transient for me) and he starts going on about Canada day being today instead of july first. I explain to him that it's only being observed today for the sake of a stat holiday not being on a sunday when there would be no one working to recieve stat pay. and then he goes off about how he came in yesterday expecting to get paid stat pay, but no, he says, shocked, it's the next day. They're having the fireworks today and all. I explain to him that there were indeed fireworks last night, I saw them with my own eyes. The assinaboine park fireworks were scheduled for last night but postponed due to weather. And if you read your cleo flashes like a good little phone monkey, you would have known they weren't paying stat pay yesterday. Then he asks me, well, then why are you here?

I raise my eyebrows. I fuckin' work here, man.

Crazy person.

The cats chewed through the cord on my ipod earphones sometime last night. I'm using Nathan's right now. I blame Nathan's cat.

Quotes from last night:

My brother, Murray, shows me the top of the cap of a bottle of booze he just bought, knowing I haven't seen the bottle: "you know what this is."

Me: "Bailey's."

Murray: "You drunk!"

Nathan: "She worked in a bar forever!"

Me: "I worked in a bar for six months!"

Steve: "Hey, you watch what words he uses in his weddinng vows."

Later that night on a slurpee run...

I start singing a round song that I know lee knows, and she joins me, so we're singing a two part harmony; my brother's behind us and he hisses,

"Shhh, it's wood elves!"

Also entertaining; analyzing movie action scenes in terms of D&D initiative rounds.
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Something a friend posted has reminded me of a turning point period of my life: when I worked at Simplot. cut for length )
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This whole moving in together thing is starting to feel real. Starting to wonder what it'll be like; never done this before. There's been no family objections. Token scepticism from my dad, but that's to be expected, as he's working on getting his ex girlfriend out of the freakin' house. (She's supposed to be out in april; she's finally got a place.)

Not letting that get to me though. Everyone who matters wishes us well, and many have given me valuable advice.

I don't like change. I get very stressed, I like static schedules and patterns I can follow. As long as I can get into a new pattern it'll be fine, though. I can feel my mind preparing itself. Unsettling itself, even before the real stress starts. Just need to accept it as natural stress, and realize it's necessary to help me cope.

Lindsay has monies again though. Sun life sends Lindsay monies.


Oct. 19th, 2006 03:59 pm
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I like going to safeway. They call me Miss Kitson.

I have their membership card and all, so they ask for my phone number, and it brings up my name for them, and then they say have a nice day, Miss Kitson.

I don't really know why I like that so much. I don't get called that often. Somebody really smart in that company realises how much that gesture of respect means to a customer.

Most people call me Lindsay, but close friends call me Linds. Boyfriend says he's seen people call me Linds for the first time, experimentally, checking if I mind. I don't even notice though. I've been called Linds in my family for so long I don't notice at all whether people call me Lindsay or Linds. Unless it's someone I barely know, or who doesn't respect me. Funny how that is.


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