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I had an incredibly interesting conversation with my Grandma yesterday. And this is the religious one, church every sunday grandma.

How did it start, oh yeah, we were talking about exercise, and I commented, you know what's a great thing for cardiovascular exercise? Sex.

And she says, well, yes, I suppose, but it's such a short ride!

And I told her, I don't know about you, but I don't seem to have that problem.

And from there we went into different forms of birth control, the fact that oral contraceptives are much safer than they were in her day, how she'd expected grandpa, on their wedding day, would have brought along a condom, since she didn't want to have children right away, and was shocked when he hadn't thought of it at all. And the difference between Having a steady boyfriend longterm and girls to sleep around, and weighing the need for STD protection in each case. So then she was listing my recent boyfriends, and I corrected her, no, no, I didn't sleep with the one in Australia. We weren't together that long. Which brought us to what age we'd become sexually active, and even though she'd done everything the proper Christian way, she was more open minded and non-judgmental than I'd thought. Didn't once say anything that made me think she thought any less of me for not having the same values she did. The most important thing to her though, is that the people she loves are happy, and she's happy for me that I am.


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