Mar. 25th, 2008 05:14 pm
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So I went dancing the other night for goth night; haven't been for a while, busy with school and all; I missed it. Counted compliments, lost count. I always do when I wear the red corset and lace skirt.

Toward the end of the night, my feet were tired so I was sitting back watching people dance for a bit, adn this guy came up and said I looked lonely. He was quite genial and charming in a practised sort of way. I said, no, I'm with these guys here, actually, pointing to my friends nearby.

Ah, I see, he says. Then he introduced himself, and for the life of me I can't remember what his name was. Wish I could, I'd put him in timekeeper so the whole world could laugh at him. I can make up a name.

Anyway, he didn't offer his hand right away like most people do at goth night when they introduce themselves (they're a cultured group) and when I glanced down expecting it, he started making conversation about the japanese and how they dont shake hands, they bow, and it was all about respect and status and then something slipped in that might have been construed as sexist (can't remember exactly what it was), if taken the wrong way, and he started backpedalling, assuring me he was and equal opportunity supporter and all, and I know what he means, right?

And I said, yeah, I understand, you're afraid to say the wrong thing.

And he puts on this look like he's just amazed at what I said and says, "Wow. Just, wow. You are so perceptive. I'm so impressed."

And I'm trying to keep a straight face here and not roll my eyes. Anyway, I was amused and just let him keep going making a fool of himself. Cause he was good, I mean, if I was the age he thought I was, I might have fallen for it. (he'd assumed I was 20)

He tried all the angles, trying to figure out what would pique my interest and engage me in conversation, and I was deliberately giving him the shortest, least detailed answers I could possibly give, without actually blowing him off. He asked me twice if I wanted to dance, tried the intellectual approach, the deep/thoughtful approach ("you know, I like to watch people dance. The way people dance tells me a lot about them..." "Oh, and what does mine tell you about me?" "Well, I haven't really had enough time to watch you" Points out turlte because he mentioned he's seen her here a lot "how about her?" "Ah, -insert the most vague of descriptions that could easily apply to any woman. In fact, he actually said she had an interesting personality.-" I nod and neither confirm or deny his claims.)

Eventually he got frustrated and walked away without saying goodbye.

I wouldn't have done that to him if he hadn't been such a cocky slimeball. It was interesting though, being the aspie girl watching someone else flounder socially for a change. It looked like he was totally used to this working. Interesting to see how people don't know what to do when others don't react in a way that gives them a script to follow. It's a kind of power.
cl0ckw0rkf0x: (Default) a girl. Was wierd, but kinda cool. So different than guys. She was shorter than me, so there was a huge non-threatening factor, compared to being hit on by a guy. From what a couple people told me later, I think she was probably bi - she had a boyfriend, and so she didn't persue it other than dancing a couple of songs after complimenting me on my outfit. And I've been complimented before - just about every time I've gone - but they usually leave afterward. I was confused at first, but the sultry look she fixed me with cleared that up. And she didn't move too fast like guys do so often. She moved closer and closer, I'm sure she could tell I was shy, but it seemed she was watching to see if I was ok with it, and if I wasn't I could have just turned away, I think she would have taken a hint pretty easily. We just had fun, and after a couple of songs, she thanked me, and walked away. I'm so not a lesbian, or even bicurious at all, but it was fun, possibly because of the non-threatening factor, cause I was thinking, if she was going to persue anything more than a dance, I could just explain, and it'd be cool. Cause there's not the stigma about homosexuality among women that there is among men, and few women would take it as anything but a compliment.
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Finished my chemistry lab in good time; I figure whenever I finish a bunch of major stressful school reports or assignments or exams (cause they seem to happen several at once), I'll go dancing. Dancing was fun, two coolers got me right buzzed, and I got right into it. I need boots like Turtle's though. Some guy bought me a cooler, I figured I could be tease. When he asked me for a dance I pretended I couldn't hear him and thought he was asking me if I wanted another drink.

Chapter 14 is done and out, largely first draft. The next chapter will have things getting more interesting again. I want to get the story done! School assignments hit after christmas, and I've been busy. My notebook is still in brandon... update, called my grandma, and my notebook is now in winnipeg, at my uncle's house. So, next time I have a day off, I will go pay uncle ted a visit. Didn't get to see them very long at christmas, anyway.
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Was writing yesterday and a character showed up kind of out of nowhere. Don't know where they came from, but I had to think for a while; is this going to mess up the plot?

No, I finally concluded. And upon further reflection, I realised why that character was there. It was perfect, hehe.

In other news, I went dancing with Daria and Dan last night. (And I feel bad for not being up to it on friday, for Lee, But I got enough sleep on friday night to be up to it on saturday.) I had a good time. Probably the best time I've had at a club. There was no country music and no rap. And no smoking. All the things that spoil my night clubbing were not there. Just loud music and people in crazy costumes (three dressed as Cloud, Aeris, and Tifa from FFVII; they were awsome.) After exams, it was nice to just sink into the music. It's kind of purifying in a way. Will definitely go again.

Anyway, getting back to writing now.


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