Dec. 27th, 2009 12:51 pm
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My computer has been acting up for weeks; windows explorer has been terribly slow; taking a minute and a half typically to open a folder on the desktop with two rtfs in it. I tried killing half the processes that were running in task manager, to no avail. Then I downloaded AVG for a virus scan, and that fixed it. It didn't find anything; it ran a scan and said no dangerous programs detected, and didn't clean anything out. But as soon as it was finished updating, the windows explorer thing went away.

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I've long had this neurotic attachment to microsoft word, because I've been using it since I was fourteen, and it's familiar, and i know how to do anything I could possibly want to do on it, and Lindsay doesn't like change. I reiterate Lindsay *doesn't* like change. I'll do weird things sometimes that I can't really explain other than when I realize I did it because there's one part of it that I've always doen that way, and my mind drags me to the familiar.

I can change. However, change must be calculated, and planned, so that I can prepare myself psychologically for change.

I've been introduced to google documents, and I'm realizing that my biggest concern about ever getting a new computer or changing my operating system - where am I going to get a copy of microsoft word - may just dissappear. There's also apparently a free thing that's almost identical to microsoft word. And apparently there are nice pretty, user friendly versions of linux I can download, and I could actually wash my computer free of that broken money hungry thing that is microsoft. I could walk the path of the penguin, and survive...

I shall do so. The preparation begins.


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