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He drinks black tea and plays fetch, and there's a new thing.

He's always had this odd preference for water he perceives to be fresh. You can take the water from his dish and pour it in a glass and put it down for him, and he'll drink that, but he doesn't want it from a dish, and he doesn't want it if he knows it's been sitting there more than a few minutes. He especially likes it if you hold the glass for him. Put a glass of water on the floor and hold a glass of water for him, and even if he sees both at the same time, he wants the glass you're holding. Only thing better than a glass you're holding for him, is a glass you're pouring, but once the water's in his dish, it's no good anymore. Getting them a water fountain with a filter and all has not helped.

Anyway, second part of this backstory: we got spray bottles to spray the cats with water when they're bad. I know, you see where this is going:

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My mom got the kitties a litter box for christmas while she was here, and my dad finally got to bringing it to winnipeg for us, so I got it set up today. It's one of those self cleaning boxes; but the one where the whole thing moves imperceptibly slowly rather than a rake going through it when the cat leaves and scaring the shit out of them. And you don't need special bags, just plain used shopping bags fit.

Pooka's not sure he likes it yet, and Apollo's so chicken shit he doesn't like anything new. Pooka tried to beat it up. The ramp sifter does move perceptibly, and he sits there and stares at it. Finally started digging, but he walks away and comes back a lot. I think he'll get used to it in a couple of hours. Apollo my take longer, he's passive aggressive. Pooka's just aggressive and gets his angst over with quickly.

teh awesome.

Update: They're using it. It works.
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Pooka likes to make a run for it down the hallway as often as possible. I think he just likes the space to run. Except we've got him thinking twice now before he leaves the threshold of the door.

How? Close the door behind him. At this point, when he hears the door close, he comes running back and sits by the door waiting to be let back in. Today, we did't let him back in right away, and he made the most pathetic meow I think I've ever heard him utter. Until now, I've only heard Apollo make that meow when I come home after work and Nathan's accidentally locked him in the pantry again.

Stupid cats. Gotta love em.
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Too good to drink out of the water dish, no matter how often it's filled with fresh, cold water. Too good even for the toilet bowl. He has to drink out of glasses. I think he knocked Nathan's glass over three times yesterday.

I spray him with water, he all but ignores it. Can't keep him off the table. Luckily neither of them have ventured on top of the kitchen couters yet. Knock on wood.

stupid cat.
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The cats are...subdued. Apollo has never purred so much. Pooka I had to spray with a water bottle to get him to leave me alone long enough to type this. They haven't been play fighting at all. And Apollo stinks.
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They shall return two balls each lighter and a little sore. Apparently Apollo had some bleeding, so they're keeping them both overnight to make sure it's clotted safely.
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I think Apollo is cold. He's been fluffing up his fur, but not his tail, and when he's scared, he fluffs up his tail and just the crest above his neck and back. And Nathan's got the air conditioner going full blast all the time. I turned it down last night, and the poor guy's not all fluffed up anymore.

Heh, I scared the crap out of Pooka the other day; I didn't think he could even fluff up his tail, but apparently he can. It's funny, cause it looks like he's got a pom-pom stuck to his butt.
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no pictures today. Being the biology/science student that I am, and Pooka being a manx, that's supposed to have big rabbit back legs, I had t measure them. then I compared them to Nathan's cat's proportions:

Apollo(standard): back 21cm, elbow to wrist 8cm, hip to knee 8cm, knee to heel 8cm.

Pooka: back 21cm, elbow to wrist, 8.5cm, hip to knee 9cm, knee to heel 10cm.

Well, I thought it was cool. As he gets older, it's more and more visible. He's grown a lot even in just the two weeks I've had him.
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First of all, funeral is on monday, since the Rabbi they wanted to do it was all booked up. Will put a huge wrench in our vacation plans. Weird thing: I remember now, about three years ago, when I was planning vacation time with Rob, my last boyfriend, that was when his mom died, and the vacation plans got scrapped then too. I shouldn't plan vacations. People die when I plan vacations.

Nathan got his Siamese kitten last saturday - with his dad - and the thing cried at five in the frickin' morning the next day, for attention. Cause we had to shut it in the sewing room so Pooka (who REALLY didn't like him then) wouldn't beat the snot out of him. Pooka's bigger. Pooka did a lot of hissing under the door for the next two days. They say you're supposed to quarantine them for two weeks, but the little fucker wouldn't shut up, I was ready to let Pooka have his way with him if he'd just be quiet. Pooka was getting better about the new one (dubbed Apollo) so I let them at it for about a half an hour one morning, and then an hour that evening. Then the next day, the stupid siamese started meowing in the morning again, and we just let them at each other.

Pooka only hissed a little, and the new one grew a pair and hissed back a little, but the worked things out and played for like, four hours, until they could not play any longer. See pic:

I promise to put any further kitty spam behind a link....


Jun. 7th, 2007 08:06 pm
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Manx kitten: $150. Litter box: $27. Food: $20. Watching the cat jump on boyfriend's keyboard while he's playing WoW: Priceless.

Kitty spam!

Jun. 4th, 2007 03:15 pm
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Kitty not impressed with his bath.

kitty finally went to sleep.

Now it's off to the vet.
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You knew it was coming....

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*happy dance*

He's getting dropped off by the breeder. I got a collar for him. Blue, because blue goes with orange, and he's orange.

It's been four years since I've had a cat, I'm like, freaking out, sure I've forgotten something. Got litter box, litter, food, Nathan's getting a scratching post sometime in the next couple days. He's apparently very playful and likes attention. Everyone I've talked to who knows anything about the breed says once you've had one, you'll never go back.

*considering calling in sick tomorrow*

On Cats

May. 31st, 2007 12:33 am
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We *were* going to get a pair of kittens from the humane society. Then Nathan got his heart set on having a siamese, and he managed to find a breeder in winnipeg that breeds the traditional siamese, which don't have as nasty a temperament as the sleek, modern style ones for show, and for a decent price.

And I was starting to get jealous that he got to have the cat he's always wanted since he was little.

Then I thought, why be jealous? I've always wanted a Manx, ever since I knew they existed. And started looking them up. And someone had an advertisement for some 12 week old kittens. And I told Nathan, and he said, whatever makes you happy. Which felt kind of wierd, because for some reason, some part of me was stuck in childhood where this the part where someone says, no, you can't have that....

Kitten will be delivered on Saturday. Friday is going to be hell waiting for it.


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