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The Box is up to 53k words now, with the scenes I've added, and will probably be well over 60k when I'm done, with the scene I still plan to add. Which is a nice length for YA; for once I'm not agonizing over trying to shorten it; it has room to grow.

The thing I hate about editing is I have to be alert. I can do nano completely exhausted, jotting down bullshit tow get the story down and finished. But editing, there's no "bah, I'll fix that later." Later is now, and I have to fix it now.

And I'm so wiped after the stress of work now, that my brain just doesn't want to cope with that when I get home, and the caffeine has worn off, and I don't want to drink more caffeine because I have to go to bed and get up at 5:00 am to go back to work. It's not that I hate my job; it just takes up so much of the time and energy I wish I could spend writing. I think I will have to start abusing the caffeine again in order to get any real writing done. I made a goal of having a first rewrite of The Box done by the end of march and I'm quite a bit behind; chapter 6 of 14.
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