Mar. 2nd, 2010


Mar. 2nd, 2010 06:10 am
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Plot has always been my strong point in writing, but even that had room to improve. I come up with plots in my head as a series of scenes that I want to fit in, then string them together in a way that makes sense and fill in the gaps between. The gaps between can be difficult sometimes, when I know what I want to happen, but not always how to get the characters there without using a fragile plot device.

The problem with that is that the story tends to be segmented then, with each chapter starting from status quo, and only one major thing changing at a time. And I keep telling myself I need to get as much out of each event and scene as possible. The plot of novel version of the Eyelet Dove is starting to come together in my mind much better, with several events happening all in the same scene, instead of isolated; which will make it all more compact and the story move faster, with fewer scenes needed to be set up, so I can pay more attention to the scenes that are set up. The battle for Avalice, for example, has a lot more characters involved, and where the characters end up in the end is a quit a bit different. It's now amalgamated about four different events into this one battle, so that I don't have to bring the action level up four times, just once, and keep it going.


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