Feb. 5th, 2010

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All the professional authors I stalk on livejournal know one another and they've been doing this meme of first lines. They post the first lines of all the stories they've been working on in the past year or so. It's a writer thing, so there's only one other person on my lj that I think might perpetuate this, but I would like to, just to say I'm doing a meme with elizabeth bear and marie brennan, even if they'll never look at it because they don't know me.

Anyway; so my works in progress or finished stories for this last year are:

"Bitch in Heat" - "Are you sure this stuff'll work?" Ted glanced nervously at the small bottle of yellow liquid in Monty's hand.

Flash fiction that actually got published. It's short and cute in the vicious dog way, and that's all it could hope to be.

"The Eyelet Dove" - Maddie's father was a glass blower, and thus had Maddie come by a strong sense of things that were fragile, such as vases, stained glass windows, and the status quo.
This is the current first line. I'm not entirely happy with it, but it was an attempt at making Maddie a more interesting character. I think I need to think her though a bit better. Once I'm finished editing "The Box", I will start working on this one in earnest.

"The Box" - Feisal lived in the Right Lily orphanage, a large building built of sand coloured mud that kept it cool in the hot summers of Casparia.

My nano novel. I'm quite proud of having managed nano, and also of how well the story actually came out. The edits are going well.

"Blood and Snow" - It has not been winter in Iskale since the day I was born.

The title is mediocre, but the first line is the most kickass first line I've so far written.

"The Eternal Army Of Kharduev" - On the 18th day of the Gottmen's invasion of Kharduev, Nikolai Rusnikov of the first battalion of cannoneers was struck in the head with canister shot and killed.

I really like this story too. Unfortunately no one willing to pay me for it has yet. Still working on it, but I think I've got the story as polished as it's gonna get. It was a stretch for me; not something I normally write.


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