Feb. 2nd, 2010

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A couple of years ago, I switched to using Open Office, because it was free and non-Microsoft. About six months ago, I realized that the reason my typo situation has become so horribly deplorable is not because I've been freeing myself to fix those things later, but because I no longer have Microsoft's auto correct fixing things for me and underlining things it thinks are wrong so I can catch myself as I type. Unlike some, this has never slowed down my creative process. That, and Open Office has some file compatibility issues. It likes to put grey spaces in place of tabs at the beginning of paragraphs if I download a file off of google docs, and it's annoying to fix. *That* slows down my creative process; the having to fix things when I'm wanting to sit down and work.

So I set about going back to Word. But I wasn't going to pay for it. The only hack I could find doesn't work because I had a sample version, not a trial version, that came with my computer. Trying to order it from work has been a hassle, and still would cost around $30, but with the transition to HP, I'm not even sure if the link I have to buy it is still valid. I don't want to use my old Office 95 version, because it doesn't have as sophisticated an autocorrect function, and I'll end up having problems opening docx files, if I ever have to.

I have finally found a solution, though. The Beta version of Office 2010 is available. Don't know how long that will work for me, but I will continue with that until a work copy is more easily available. I know I'm a microsoft whore, but I'm a cheap one.


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